We believe that life is worth living even if there is one in a billion chance to succeed.  It is our most valuable and important asset and no one has the right to interrupt and take it away from us.

A slave is someone who does not own his own work, his body or the products of his intellect.
A slave is someone who cannot have his beliefs or cannot be part of of form his own group.

We oppose slavery and support:

  • ECONOMIC FREEDOM (You can spend your money as you wish).
  • FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION (You can be with whoever you want and nobody can force you to be where or who you don’t want to be),
  • RELIGIOUS FREEDOM (You can believe and have your faith to pray to whoever you want).
  • SELF-DEFENCE RIGHTS (The police cannot be everywhere every time, so you have the right to protect your life or the life of those you love, in extreme cases).
  • PRO-LIFE (Nobody has the right to interrupt life).
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH (You have the right to speak your mind without fear of being boycotted and no one can dictate what you can or cannot say).

As a way of spreading these great ideas that allowed us to live together respecting our differences we started Objetivista.com.

Wear Objetivista.com and express your love for freedom for civilisation and acceptance of others.

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We started in 2019 

Bringing high quality t-shirts with awesome designs!

Our products are prepared and packed with love and care! 

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