Collectivism is slavery – F.H.


Friedrich August von Hayek (8 May 1899 – 23 March 1992)

An Austrian, philosopher, writer, Nobel Prize winner in economics ( with his work theory of money ).

FA Hayek was a classical liberal, an icon of (Austrian School of Economics), that advocates that economics should not be regulated as human being have different interests in life and it is not up to the government to decide what is good or bad for us.
The market is the only one capable of providing the signs that the entrepreneurs need to take the correct decisions in business and when the government interfere with this relationship it breaks those signs and with the market.

Hayek was against the tyranny of socialist governments of his time. his goal was to help to avoid the mistakes that led to the second world war.

Hayek influenced many politicians of his time, and our modern way of thinking about economics.

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